How To Make Friends In Your Neighborhood


Making a home for yourself, and making it a good one at that means you have to also step outside of your house and be a part of a community. This is quite important specially if you are planning to live in that place long term. One way to do so is to make friends with your neighbors. They are the closest people next to you and the ones you can rely on when an unfortunate emergency happens. Here are some ways to make friends with the neighbors,

- Attend community/town meetings and once there, do not be shy to approach strangers and introduce yourself.

- When you see someone outside your house (specifically the ones who live across from you or next door) smile and say hi

- Ask Questions. Go on, ask them where the park is, the nearest grocery, the schools, the best restaurants. I’m sure you’ll have a ton of questions if you’ve just moved in.

- Join groups like book clubs, volunteer organizations, sports team etc. Join something that you’re interested in so that it won’t feel like a chore.

- Be approachable. When walking around, put on a nice smile so people will just be drawn to you!

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