Different Types Of Neighbors

An average person will likely move 11 times in their lifetime. So that means 11 different neighborhoods and different neighbors. Have you heard of the saying that you can choose your friends but you can not choose your family, nor your neighbors. This is true, you will choose the perfect home for you but you can not choose who will be living next to you.

Here are the different types of neighbors you’ll likely encounter in your lifetime.

  1. The “Don’t Care” neighbors – They are the ones who will mow their lawns, once a year. They won’t decorate during Christmas even if the whole street is filled with pretty lights. They might be too lazy, or too busy to be taking care of these things.
  2. The rich neighbors-  They are the ones with impressive sports car parked in the garage, perfectly mowed lawn, and weekly garden parties.
  3. The friendlies- They are the ones who say hey when they run into you at the local store, the ones who bring food because they made more than enough lasagna, the ones who invite themselves over for dinner.

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